How To Live In France 

A Humorously Pragmatic Guide
For Foreigners And Their Francophobic Friends

Advice and experiences on -
Living, Visiting, Working, Playing & Retiring In France

"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together"

How to live in France. A humorously pragmatic guide for foreigners and their Francophobic Friends

My husband and I were in a sink or swim situation when we abruptly lost our jobs during the great recession. To cut our losses while we waited out the bad economy, we had to live more simply so we did something bold. We sold or gave away our belongings, put the sentimental stuff in storage- applied for French visas and moved to France with our 3 kids in 2011. More than 5 years later, we've slowly chiselled out a different kind of life in France working on our freelancing careers. We've also been experiencing an enriching life abroad as a family-eaten our fair share of baguettes, drank way too much wine and have battle scars to prove we know how to manoeuvre French bureaucracy like "les pros".....  Bonjour, my name is Annie and I've accumulated a massive amount of useful information, resources and tips to help you survive visiting, moving to or living in France.

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