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This site currently generate 14,000,20,000 page-views from over 7,400,  9,400,  14,100 unique visitors per month and we’re growing at over 30% every quarter in traffic and readership.

I focus on helping and inspiring Americans and Canadians learn how to take an extended trip beyond the typical 2 week vacation to live in France for a Year (or more).

Occasionally my writing also focuses on extended trips beyond France such as around the world travel, long term travel, house-sitting around the world and volunteering abroad.

Why Partner or Advertise With Us?

 While all travellers will find  Practical Adventurology aka an informative and fun site , our emphasis includes family and extended travel which I think differentiates this site from other travel web sites. 

We target a unique set of people who want more meaningful travel and are passionate about living life on their own terms while living in France or travelling for extended periods of time.

Re-latable Content: Means loyal and engaged readers

Written by me, Annie André, a seasoned traveller who’s travelled and lived abroad as a child, a teenager, a young adult and now as a wife and mother of three in the south of France. My readers tend to be more engaged because they can relate to the content here and trust the person behind this site because of my transparency. I draw from my own real life experience as well as conduct my own extensive research so my writing style and my content is not only personable but also very unique and not cookie-cutter at all!

Over the course of my life, I have lived in or visited places like Thailand, Viet-Nam, Japan, the United States, Canada, Scotland, the Netherlands, France, Hong Kong, the Phillipines, Malaysia, Singapore, Guam, and several islands of the south Pacific. In total, I’ve been to over 25 different countries so far.

By partnering with us through a sponsored post, text ad, banner advertisement or joint venture, you expose your brand to this unique and elite group of people who are looking for practical solutions, resources , and information to help them achieve their travel and life goals.


Banner Ad Placement:

I can accommodate banner ad placement on a monthly basis in the right rail of the homepage or in single post.

  • If you would like something more permanent, consider purchasing a review post where I write a post all about your product, site or service. (details below.)
  • If you are looking for something for SEO purposes then consider a sponsored post with anchored text.

Front Page: Right Rail Ad Prices & Sizes

If you have another size just ask.

  • 125×125 =Right Rail
  • 250×250=Right Rail
  • 300 x 250 = Right Rail
  • 468×60= Front Page or In Post
  • Other size Just ask

I can also offer in post and right rail banners on some of my more popular single posts.

All banner ads must be purchased in 6 month increments

Contact me to work out the details annie[at]annieandre[dot]com


As a sponsor, you will support one of my posts on travel, career breaks or some other related topic that will highlight your product or service.  The post will be clearly marked as a sponsored post with a link back to you.

Type of Sponsored Posts

In return for your cash contributions you have several options.


    I will write an article that is targeted towards people interested in your product or service. I will then strategically place your banner,  promotional blurb or contextual link in the article Example.. I write an article on 10 cool things to do in Dubai and then link to your website as a resource. Contact me to work out the details annie[at]annieandre[dot]com


    Either a written post or video post. Are you a tourist board? Do you have a product, discount card, guided tour, hotel accommodation, restaurant, software, service or something else you want me to write about? Instead of just a link, banner ad or some blurb, you will get a more personal touch, more research and a more in depth write up. I can’t guarantee a five star review but I can promise my honest opinion and my readers will value honesty over unicorns and rainbows. Contact me to work out the details annie[at]annieandre[dot]com

  3. PREMIUM SPONSORSHIP: It’s All About You and Brand awareness

    I will create a post or a series of posts that is all about you (your product, service, destination, brand etc.). I will write it in my own words.  .  This is not a review post. . More a brand awareness post.  For example if you are a travel insurance company, we could decide to write a series of posts about the different type of insurances or the risks of not having insurance while travelling. The possibilities are endless. Let’s talk. Links will be permanent. Yes permanent. I can do video too which is an additional cost. Contact me to work out the details annie[at]annieandre[dot]com


    Want more exposure for your travel related site, service or product?  A give-away is a great way to be instantly popular. You offer the give-away, I put up the contest. We have several options on how to run the give-away. Contestants must spread the word to enter by either tweeting or posting on Facebook or some other means agreed upon. You get exposure and I get happy readers. Value of give-away must be at least 50 USD. I do make exceptions. Contact me to work out the details annie[at]annieandre[dot]com

Details of sponsorship

  • Who Writes The Article? You have several options.
    • 1- I create an article for you. > 500 words
    • 2- You can create one which I will probably edit heavily so that it appeals to my audience and is in a tone that speaks to my audience.(it’s better that way).
  • How Long? Unless otherwise noted, links will remain active for one year after that you can renew or I will remove the link. (unless we come to some other agreement)
  • Exclusivity: Once sponsored, no other sponsored links will be posted from competitors on that page.

Contact me to work out the details annie[at]annieandre[dot]com

Website Statistics:

2013 January

  • Monthly Visitors – 15,478
  • Unique Visitors 14,173
  • Page Views or Impressions 20, 255

Average: quarterly traffic stats (2012 Sept-Dec)

  • Monthly Visitors – average 9 410 visitors a month and growing
  • Unique Visitors – 8 372 visitor a month and growing
  • Average Page Views or Impressions per month -21 000 & Growing
  • Repeat Visitors- 12%
  • New Visitors- 88%
  • Bounce Rate: 41%

site traffic is growing at 30 percent per quarter

Expected Growth

Based on previous quarterly numbers, traffic grew by about 30% from previous quarter.

Rank Benchmarks
  • Google Page Rank –
  • Alexa Score-Global=
    • U.S.- 165,000
    • UK-  84,000
    • India- 82,000
    • France- 26,000
  • Moz Rank – Page Authority 49/100, Domain authority 40/100
  • Klout- As if you care about this.. 50

Social Media- Twitter ~ 750 followers

Our Audience Stats:

  • 25-55, typically college graduates or higher.
  • Stats show that currently 51% of site visitors are from the US, 10% from UK, 7% from Canada, 4% from Australiaand 13% come from all other countries across the globe including India, South America, the rest of Europe and even Asia to name a few.
traffic by location for
traffic by location for


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I consider and accept press trips, compensated meals, stays and activities on a limited basis and provide a review. Your product or service MUST benefit my readers who are interested in long term travel. Possible matches would be hotels, restaurants, tourism boards, cruises and family related tourist spots, restaurants, products etc. We are currently located in the south of France and prefer locals close to us or within a train ride or quick flight. **Disclosure** I disclose all trips, experiences and products that have been compensated in any way. **IMPORTANT***

Policy On Ethics & Transparency

In an effort to follow best practice blogging and website practices, all advertising including sponsored posts, sponsored guest posts, sponsored anything will be required to have the rel=”nofollow” code inserted into all links in order to abide by Google’s Paid Link policy. In accordance with FTC regulations, all paid / sponsored posts and advertising  will be disclosed at the bottom of the page or at the top of the page. with a byline similar to the one below….

“This post was sponsored by (Name Brand Here).”

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