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17 Stupid SkyMall Products You Can Buy After You Stop Laughing

It’s your favourite in-flight magazine you love to hate. Or hate to love?  The SkyMall Magazine Some of their products are just so ridiculous and stupid, I honestly can’t tell if the folks over at Skymall are idiots or genius marketers.  Regardless of how stupid or useful the products in the Skymall magazine are, after I fasten my seat […]

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The Quirky Secrets Of Cyprus: 10 Fascinating Reasons You Should Visit Cyprus

What are some places you want to visit? …………………… Paris? The Pyramids of Egypt? The Grand Canyon? Maybe Hawaii? ……………………….. Those are all great places to visit but why limit yourself to JUST those tourist hotspots?  What if there were hidden gems on this earth just waiting to be discovered?  Some place warm with beautiful sandy beaches, […]

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tsa security checkpoint playset toy

Does Playmobil Security Checkpoint Toy Teach Children Racial Profiling?

what’s the big deal? Playmobil came out with a toy that caused many people to fly off the deep end, especially parents. The toy is the “Playmobil Security Checkpoint Play-set”. The playmobil security checkpoint playset is no longer being sold, probably because of all the negative feedback but I did happen to see a used play-set […]

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