Get Paid To Be You! Create A Hire Me Page: (Progress Report #3 July 2012)

Up until this point, I have not tried to make one dime, schilling or centime from this site. But that’s about to change. Want to find out how? Read my latest progress report.

work with me page make money with your website


QUICK SUMMARY: for new readers

A year ago I had this crazy Idea to HELP PEOPLE learn how to take time off from work (career break)  and life to do something GREAT,  FULFILLING, maybe even WORLD CHANGING. Like experience long term travel, or spend up to a year abroad like i’m doing in the south of France with my family.  As Chris Guillebeau would say, “Live an unconventional life in a conventional world”.

Every few months, In between my career break tips, tricks and resources i share my entrepreneurial journey and progress with you in a progress report like this one. Follow along or join in if you like.  This is my third progress report.  Here are my other reports  | #1 April 2012#2 May 2012 | [/box]

Want To Start An Internet Based Business?

You would be surprised at what kind of internet based businesses people are creating to earn a living.


Take for example Aston Lau, aka The Poo Whisperer who has a product which trains your cat to pee and poo in the toilette for $29.00 USD.

Here’s an actual video of a cat Aston trained.


Or Alistair who teaches guitar using live video over skype. 60 minutes = £30.

[quote]They Can Work From Anywhere Thanks To The Internet[/quote]

If You Build It Will They Buy?

As I showed you above, A blog or website is a fantastic way to generate awareness, drive targeted search engine traffic and build trust with your audience to attract your idea paying customer online.

But to get your site to that point takes time and lots of work.

Unfortunately, too many people have unrealistic expectations and GIVE UP before they see any success.

You Have To Fail Before You Can Succeed

Talk to anyone who is currently making a living using a website to market their business or service and they will share some story with you about how they tried several tiems and failed before they came up with the formula that now makes them successfull. Or they will share how they worked for months even years before they started making money online.

My friend lisa Stoops is a good example. She tried several times to make a living online before she finally found the right formula for her now successful online business where she sells PLR (private label rights) content.

Adrienne Smith of went from zero online website knowledge to hero. She now has an amazing following online and she teaches you how to get your business site the publicity and web traffic you are looking for in a no nonsense kind of way. Each of her articles gets at least 80 comments from readers which is a good indication of how engaging her content is.

My point is this…. all those people online you see making money from their products and services are working their asses off.

What I’ve Don’e So Far

For about a year , I’ve been painstakingly building my website as an AUTHORITY SITE in the area of career breaks, family sabbaticals and long term travel.

[quote]My goal is to become a “Go To Resource for families with kids, couples and burnt out professionals who need inspiration and practical knowledge on how they can take a career break to travel long term. (six months or more)”.[/quote]

I think i’ve done a pretty good job establishing myself as an authority figure in this area.  I even made a video for my site that caught the attention of a T.V. show and I was featured on the very popular American T.V. show House Hunters International 500th episode called “Dreaming of Marseille” in June of 2012. (It was basically free exposure for my crusade and drove heaps of traffic to my site and lots of inquires. woo hoo).

Ways To Monetize: In other words make money

Alas, a woman cannot live on love alone. I need to work and make money.

Up until recently, there has been no mention of me selling any products or services. I have given my knowledge away for free. I’ve even helped people over skype and email for free by answering their questions. Call it good will.

But It’s time to start thinking about how I can start to monetize this website and use it as a tool to earn some money.

I have a lot of things in the works including a digital book, a course and online workshop all aimed at helping people plan and pursue a career break and family sabbatical to travel.

But these products all take time. I have to write the book and conduct research for it. I have to plot and plan the workshop material. So they are not ready yet.

There is something I can do right now to let people know I’m for hire. Something you can do too.

Create A Hire Me or Work With Me Page

I created a “WORK WITH ME PAGE”.  A work with me page is just a way of showcasing your services on a page of your site so that everyone can see you are an awesome hire-able person who can solve all their problems.

You can call your page whatever your want. 

[unordered_list style=”bullet”]
  • Hire me page
  • Rent my brain page
  • Services page

I did a lot of research on the topic of creating a Services page / Hire me page. Rather than going into specifics of all my findings I will highlight just a few of the most important things I implemented.


Do People Know You Are For Hire?

Place your hire me page prominently where people can see it. Otherwise how will people know about your awesome services?

I decided to put links and images in different areas of my site to make it more obvious what I have to offer. When I create my digital products and courses I will no doubt make a separate page for those too.

[unordered_list style=”tick”]
  • Navigation Menu: I put a text link that says [ Work with me] front and center in my navigation menu. See it there in the screenshot below on the left?

hire-me-page-screen shot for career break mentor and strategist

[unordered_list style=”tick”]
  • Create Visual Aids: I also created special banners in different sizes which I will place at different areas of my site. One area where I placed a banner is in the right hand rail. Pictured above. When clcked it goes to the same  [ Work with me] page as the text link goes to.
  • I created several versions of that banner which i will use in differnt areas like these other two banners.

work with a career break mentor and strategy sessions

career break family sabbatical mentor Annie Andre

Do People Trust You?

[unordered_list style=”tick”]
  •  To remove risk and encourage people to try out my services, I included a “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE” .  I’m confident enough In my services to offer this guarantee and so should you be. Often times I won’t buy from a business unless I know I can get my money back so I wanted to eliminate that barrier for my potential clients.

You Need A Way To Collect Money Online Instantly

[unordered_list style=”tick”]
  •  I need to be able to accept credit card payments so I created a buy now button using pay pal.The last thing you want to do is deal with checks and the time waiting for a check to clear.  It’s easy to create and you can find out more by going to the Paypal and reading their tutorials. You can also google it and find plenty of tutorials.


I did loads of other stuff too but ultimately you need to do your own research. My advice. Go find a dozen “HIRE ME” pages that you like. Save them and study what you like about them then implement those things into your own hire me page.

Putting up your hire me page is only the beginning. Now comes the hard part of promoting it and getting clients. To be continued………

If you are looking for some resources to help you build a business online check out my “tools and resources page”

Over to you.

What do you think? Is having a hire me page a good idea or bad one?  What are some things you have seen on Hire me pages that you liked or disliked? Do you have a hire me page? I want to know.

Share your thoughts in the comment below on the blog.

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