17 Stupid SkyMall Products You Can Buy After You Stop Laughing

Stupid Skymall Products you can buy right now

It’s your favourite in-flight magazine you love to hate. Or hate to love? 

The SkyMall Magazine

Some of their products are just so ridiculous and stupid, I honestly can’t tell if the folks over at Skymall are idiots or genius marketers. 

Regardless of how stupid or useful the products in the Skymall magazine are, after I fasten my seat belt, l almost ALWAYS reach in the seat back pocket hoping to get a good laugh at their eclectic and unique set of products.

Here are a few of my favourite stupid Skymall products in no particular order.

17 Stupid SkyMall Products I Dare You To Buy

1-SkyRest Travel Pillow


Skyrest Travel Pillow: stupid skymall products you can buy

Like a trusty old friend, I can always count on this Gray haired gentleman peacefully resting his head on his inflatable skyrest pillow.

I can’t remember a time when he WAS NOT in the Skymall catalog.

I will miss his familiar face when they finally do decide to discontinue this item.

2-Upright Sleeper icon

upright-sleeper: stupid skymall products you can buy

Words just don’t do this product justice. I mean look at it! I get that it helps hold your head up but would you really wear this on a plane?

3-e-Reader Buddies Pillowicon

skymall e-Reader buddies pillow stupid gifts you can buy

Now you can strap your ipad, kindle or tablet right onto a pillow so you can sleep with it?

Come to think of it, this isn’t so stupid after all. It’s kind of genius.

4-County Jail T-Shirticon

skymall stupid product county jail escapee tshirt

Here is a great t-shirt to get if you hate someone. I’m sorry but the last thing I want to be wearing while driving down the highway is a t-shirt that makes me look like a penitentiary escapee. uh uh. No sir!

5-Bigfoot Garden Yeti Sculpture icon

spooky lifesize yet statue from Skymall.

Really? This is what you want in your backyard or in your garden. You just have to ask if Skymall is trying to mess with us.

6-Bigfoot Tree Yeti Sculpture icon

bigfoot tree yeti sculpture: stupid skymall products you can buy

If you can’t afford the 2,000 dollar price tag of the life size yeti, Skymall has a smaller more affordable one.

With his spooky face lurking behind a tree, he will creep out your guests and scare away intruders and feral animals.

7-MLB Forest Face icon

forest-face: stupid skymall products you can buy

It’s called a forest face, I call it weird, ugly and disturbing but then again I am not a baseball fan.

You’re supposed to hang this porcelain forest face on your tree to let your friends and neighbors know which team you are rooting for.

8-Faux Workpant Lounge Wear icon

Faux Workpant lounge wear: stupid skymall products you can buy

Is this supposed to be irony? A faux tool belt on a pair of sweat pants?

It’s not even funny.

9- Dr. Seuss Cap & Glasses icon

stupid skymall products. dr seus cap and gown

Be the life of the party with this Dr. Seuss Cap and Glasses.

hahaha, I, hahah, can’t, hahahah, stop, hahahah, laughing. 

10-Grip-n-Assist Mobility Belt icon

Grip-N-Assist Mobility Belt: stupid skymall products you can buy

Don’t you hate it when you can’t get a good grip on your grandpa so you can help him out of bed?

Now HE CAN GRAB YOU and pull himself up. Problem solved.

11-Sand Name Prints icon

sand-name-photo: stupid skymall products you can buy

let me get this straight.  Instead of writing your name in the sand and taking a picture of it yourself, you want to pay someone up to 70 bucks to Photoshop it onto a photo for you? Isn’t that kind of like false advertisement?

I think I have my new business idea..I’ll do it for 20 dollars too.

12-Roswell, the Alien Butler icon

roswell-the-alien-butler: stupid skymall products you can buy

For the sophisticated middle aged sci-fi lover. Now you can pretend that you are being served brandy by an extraterrestrial from outer space.

Honestly, I’m not sure if this is super stupid, super cool or super creepy.

Actually, this would go great in my bathroom holding up a roll of toilet paper.

13-Babette Table icon

creepy-bardette-table: stupid skymall products you can buy

Nothing says CLASS  more than a torso-less pair of legs wearing a pair of strappy red high heals, stockings, red panties & garters trying to pass as a table to hold your cocktails.

It’s just wrong!

14-Hot Dog leash icon

Hot Dog-Leash: stupid skymall products you can buy

When I first saw this photos I thought, “oh that dog’s master is feeding him sausages.”

Then I realized the owner was not feeding his dogs tasty treats but cruelly teasing their dog with a leash made of fake hot dogs.

Poor poor thing….just look at how depressed he looks.

15-FaceTrainer icon

facetrainer: stupid skymall products you can buy

Saggy face? Fine lines? Crows feet?

Forget creams, lotions and plastic surgery. All you need is the Face Trainer!

Put it on for 10 minutes everyday and watch your sags melt away.

Let me guess. A scuba diver invented this product.

Alternatively, you could just wear it out instead of a hat to shield your face from the sun.

16-Mobile Massage System icon

mobile-massage: stupid skymall products you can buy

No, It’s not a ninja turtle costume. It’s not a shawl.

It’s a portable back massage thingy that you control with a remote control.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out in what situation would I ever want to wear this. Wouldn’t you rather have one of those sit down chair massagers?

Maybe it’s made for people who don’t have the time to sit and relax for 2 whole minutes?

17-Hicural Hiccup Stick

Hicurai hiccup stick: stupid skymall products you can buy

Forget trying to chug water while holding your nose and plugging your ears.

Bite down on this $20 stick while drinking a glass of water and your hiccups will be cured.

I have no idea if this works or not but the idea of it made my stomach sore from laughing so hard.


I couldn’t help myself.

After my daughter and I stopped laughing,  (a half hour later) my daughter got suddenly quiet and walked away.

Then she returned with a stick between her teeth and said “Look mommy, I made my own hiccup stick.”

We both started laughing again. After we stopped laughing, I reached for the camera and took the above photo.

She’s a genius.

Question: Do you think these products are for real or a joke? Leave your comments below.

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