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101 Cute, Romantic & Quirky French Terms Of Endearment For Your Sweetie Pie or Honey Bunny

101 french terms of endearment to use on your sweetie pie
Hello mes chérs amis! If you really want to impress your friends, make your sweetheart melt or embarass the hell out of your kids, don't use their boring first name or the standard terms of endearment like sweetheart, shnookums or honey bunny. Instead choose one of these "French terms of endearment".

I asked my French Friends and searched the internet for the most useful, interesting and quirky French terms of endearment then rounded them all up here in organized little groups like: 10 most popular, obscure and sexual (skip to the end for these tee hee hee) and everything in between.

101 Cute, Quirky, Common and Romantic French terms of endearment

The French language has a lot of cute, romantic, quirky and raunchy terms of endearment and pet names. Some translate to English word for word like "mon ange" which means "my angel". Others don't translate very well at all like"mon chou" which translates to "MY CABBAGE" but means more or less "My Darling".

HOW TO USE this list of 101 French terms of endearment everyday: A simple way for you to use these is by simply replacing someones name with one of these 101 terms. 

    **Come here MA BELLE.......(my beautiful)
    **What are you doing MA FOI?...... (My faith)
    **I went to the movies with MON PRINCE..... (My Prince)

It may feel strange at first but will become second nature if you give it a chance..

1-10: TOP 10: Most popular French terms of endearment used in France

Classic and top terms of endearment most heard in France (In no particular order)

Say to men, women and children

Generally means honey, sweetie or darling

1  Mon chou

My cabbage but chou could be short for
a French cream puff called Chou Chantilly

 2  ChouChou

Cabbage Cabbage

3  Mon ange

My angel

4  Mon bébé

My baby

5  Mon coeur

My heart

6  Doudou

My blankie or cuddly thing

7  Mon trésor

My tresure

8  -Ma Chèrie (say to woman),
    -Mon Chèr (say to man)

My darling

9  -Ma chèr (say to woman),
    -Mon chèr (say to man)

More formal than ma chèrie

10  -Ma puce

My flea

Example: Bonjour mon trèsor. = Hello my treasure.

Example: Je t'aime mon coeur.  I love you my heart (It's like saying I love you my darling).

11-66: French terms of endearment for him or her

Less common but still used to mean honey, sweetie, darling, shnookums etc.

Say to men, women and children

11  -Mon biquet

My lamb

12  -Mon canard

My duck

13  -Mon colibri

My hummingbird

14  -Mon lapin

My rabbit

15  -Mon Lapinou

comes from lapin; rabbit

16  -Mon Minou

My kitty

17  -Mon poussin

My chic (as in baby chicken)

18  -Mon sucre d'orge

My barley sugar, candy cane

19  -Mon trognon

My apple core or fruit core

20  -Mamour

contraction of mon or ma with amour "my love"

Example: Tu est mon petit trognon = You are my little apple core

Say to MEN or BOYS

Generally means honey, sweetie, darling, shnookums etc.

21   -Mon petit chou

My little cabbage

22  -Mon beau

My handsome

23  -Mon loup

My wolf

24  -Mon nounours

My teddy bear or plushy

25  -Mon ours

My bear

26-Mon petit caneton

My little duckling

27  -Mon Poulet

My chicken

28  -Mon râleur

My grumpy or complainer

29  -Mon homme

My man

30  -Mon loulou

No translation

31  -Mon lutin

My elf

32  -Mon saucisson

My saussage

33  -Mon Bébé d'amour

My baby love

34  -Mon Bibou

Means nothing like "smoopy poop"

35  -Mon tigre

​My tiger

36  -Mon petit monstre

My little monstre

37  -Mon vilain

My naughty one

Example: Regardez mon râleur= Look at my little complainer


Generally means honey, sweetie, darling, shnookums etc.

38  -Ma caille

My quail

39  -Ma coccinelles

My ladybug

40  -Ma colombe

My dove

41  -Ma crevette

My shrimp

42  -Ma poule

My chicken

43  -Ma truffe

My truffle

44 -Ma choupinette

Closest meaning is cute

45  -Ma cocotte

My casserole

46  -Ma douce

My sweet

47  -Ma fée

My fairy

48  -Ma lolita

My lolita

49  -Ma loulotte

No translation

50  -Ma lutine

My elf, or maybe pixie

51  -Ma pepette

My money

52  -Ma petite sirène

My little mermaid

53  -Ma poupée

My little doll

54  -Ma princesse

My princess

55  -Ma tigresse

My tigress

56  -Mon papillon

My butterfly

57  -Ma grosse

My fat one (Not very complimentary)

58  -Mon bijou

My jewel

59  -Ma belle

My pretty like the Beatles song "Michelle, ma belle"

60 -Ma bohême

My bohemian

61  Ma râleuse

My grumpy or my complainer

62  -Ma bibiche

derived from biche

63  -Ma biche

My doe, as in do a dear

64  -Ma bichette

derived from doe

65  -Ma mie

not the crust but the soft white part of bread

66  -Ma poupette

derived from poupée, my dolly

67-94: Romantic & thoughtful French terms of endearment

27 Less common but still used terms of endearment for him or her

You are my daily pleasure, you are my desire and my happiness. These dreamy French terms of endearment can be used romantically or lovingly to a child: For instance, you are my star or my strength. 


67  -Mon étoile

My star

68  -Ma raison de vivre

My reason for living

69  -Mon ciel étoilé

My starry sky

70  -L'amour de ma vie

Love of my life

71  -Ma foi

My faith

72  -Ma force

My strength

73  -Ma moitié

MY half (similar to my better half)

74  -Ma passion

My passion

75  -Ma perfection

My perfection

76  -Ma raison d'être

My reason for being

77  -Mon Amour

My love (this extremely popular)

78  -Mon Amoureux

My lover ( is not sexual. Can say to children means my love

79  -Mon avenir

My future

80  -Mon bonheur

My happiness

81  -Mon désir

My desire

82  -Mon destin

My destiny

83  -Mon Essentiel

My essential

84  -Mon Exception

My exception

85  -Mon idéal

My ideal

86  -Mon indispensable

​My essential or indispensable one

87  -Mon plaisir quotidien

My daily pleasure

88  -Mon préféré

My preferred one

89  -Mon rayon de soleil

MY ray of sunshine

90  -Mon rêve

My dream

91  -Mon souffle

My breath

Say to MEN

Generally means honey, sweetie, darling, shnookums etc.

92  -Mon prince

My prince

93  -Mon roméo

My romeo

94  -Mon superman

My superman

95-101: WARNING! French terms of endearmnt you may find


​I saved the best or worst for last
depending on how you look at it. 

95  -Ma crotte

Literally means my turd. Belgians use this 
to refer to their women, like Ma chérie

96 -Ma quequette

A childish or cute name for a penis, like willy. 
My girlfriend sometimes calls me this. weird right?

97  -Me nénette

My slut ( um yeah no comment!)

98  -Ma chatte

Be careful! This means pussy cat and it has the same double 
meaning in English "pussy". Nevertheless, I do know friends that use this term.

99 -Ma couille

Literally means my testicle but
young men use it to refer to their friends, like "hey dickhead", only it would be "hey testicle". LOL

100 -Mon petit poil de cul

Literally means "my little butt hair". To be honest, no one I
know uses this. I found this on a French forum from someone
who said she uses this to address her boyfriend. 

101 -Mon dieu de sexe

My sex god. Don't use in public unless you want to perk 
up their ears and get a smile. 


There are probably 100's more French terms of endearment that I did not include but these should take you a while to memorize. 


she met the man of her dreams on a boat on vacation

What Happens When Two People Hook Up On Vacation, Get Married And Have Babies? (series #11)

she met the man of her dreams on a boat on vacation

Believe it or not!

People hook up on vacation and fall in love all the time.

Unfortunately, relationships started on the road, usually don’t last very long.

They either end soon after the trip ends or they fizzle out over time when the starry eyed lovers try to maintain a long distance relationship from opposite sides of the planet.

Don’t let that sad fact stop you from finding love on the road because once in a blue moon, one of those romances started while travelling have a happy ending.

She Met Him On A Boat On The Nile

Meet Alyson, a nice girl from Wales who over a decade ago booked a adventure holiday which entailed a 5 day sailing trip on the Nile of Egypt aboard a felucca boat.

The actual boat they met on

A felucca (Arabic: فلوكة‎) is a traditional wooden sailing boat used in protected waters of the Red Sea and eastern Mediterranean Sea in places like Sudan, Iraq, Malta and along the Nile in Egypt. These types of boats are popular among tourists because they offer a calmer, quieter mood over the noisier fast paced motorboats. 

Around the same time, 14 other people booked that very same adventure holiday, including a 21 year old Australian guy named James who was living in London to further his chef career.

Guess what happened?

She married Him!

Today Alyson and James are married and have two adorable sons who apparently like to eat oysters because James is an executive chef and that’s what chef kids eat.. OYSTERS.

But what happens when two travel addicts meet and fall in love? Do they stop travelling? Do they continue travelling?  Do they retire to suburbia?

Before I tell you what these two world travellers have planned, I thought it would be fun to share the story of where Alyson and James married.

Interview With Alyson

Tell me a little about where you are from!

She was from Wales, He was living in London. over 400 KM away

Over 400 KM distance between their two homes

I am a Welsh girl from the valleys and James is an Aussie.  We met in Egypt, moved to England and ended up emigrating to Port Douglas, Australia in 2007.

We have two children, born in London.

Everybody in our family has British and Australian passports, except me.

I’m all British, although, I could now get an Aussie one if I wanted to. Passports are really expensive to renew when there are 7 of them in the family!

Why did you choose to get married in Sri Lanka?

James carrying Alyson's bags up the stairs during that trip to Egypt

James carrying Alyson’s bags up the stairs during that trip to Egypt

Getting married in Sri Lanka, on the beach at a hotel near Galle was an excuse for another trip!

Because we met through travel, it was massively important to us and we particularly love the Indian Sub Continent.

I’d been to Sri Lanka before and loved it. The Chef (James) had never been, so it seemed perfect.

We weren’t interested in having a big wedding, although my Mum, Dad and God mother did come in the end, I’m glad they did.

They had a brilliant time plus of course, we could slide in a week of diving in Maldives as a honeymoon!

Did you do need special visas or have to do anything special to marry in Sri Lanka?

Alyson and james on an elephant at their wedding in Sri Lanka

Alyson’s white outfit was filthy black by the end of the day.

No, nothing, it was all very easy.

We actually cheated a bit and booked a wedding package through a luxury travel company where everything was taken care of for us.

We just had to sign the certificate.

It was our first time taking a fancy holiday like that, we’re very much budget travellers.

How did you handle the language barrier?

English is widely used in Sri Lanka but we do have two wedding certificates.

One in Sinhala and the other is in English.

What was the best part about getting married in Sri Lanka?

Alyson and james on an elephant at their wedding in Sri Lanka

We had an elephant!

I can’t see that happening in South Wales.

We rode off into the sunset on her, such a gorgeous creature. I really love elephants.

The ceremony itself was Buddhist based and we had our fingers tied together, lit oil lamps and did a thing with leaves for good luck.

What didn’t like about getting married abroad in Sri Lanka:

Alyson and james riding into the sunset on an elephant at their wedding in Sri Lanka

Riding off into the sunset on an elephant.

I actually wish we’d organized it ourselves, rather than through the hotel.

Some of the things included were rather cheesy, like the free hair do ( terrible) and the photographer/videographer ( even more terrible).

I was also a little annoyed that the hotel charged us $200 for having the elephant there.  I bet the guy who brought the elephant didn’t see much of that money.

But the whole thing was great, kind of crazy great. We laugh now at the terrible photos and how absolutely filthy my white outfit was after bare back elephanteering.

One of the things we love about India and Sri Lanka is the general crazyness.

I’ve got a great piece of video that my Dad took of James toppling off one side of our elephant as she stood up. A Sri Lankan guy tugging on his leg to keep him on.

I’ll put it on you tube one day!

What’s Next For Alyson, James and Family?

“What happens when two travellers meet on vacation, fall in love, get married and have kids?”

As of this writing, Alyson and family are getting ready to take an extended – open ended trip with THE KIDS starting in Asia.

Here is what Alyson had to say.

 “Having children slowed us down for a while, but now the boys are 6 and 8. We think they are ready to leave on this adventure, round the world, indefinitely, and get a lot out of it, including an incredible education.

Travelling with children will add a whole new dimension to the trip for us, seeing things through their eyes is magical.”

And NO!  They don’t have loads of money, they are doing it on the cheap: budget travel.

How Are They Paying For Their Long Term Trip With The Kids?

Alyson and James have been working hard to meet their savings goals that will allow them to take their extended family trip.

They have about another 6 months to meet that goal. (at the time of this writing in 2013)

How have you prepared your sons for travel?

Alyson and the kids

From the day the boys were born, they’ve been hearing stories of our travels, playing with objects from all corners of the globe and seeing photos and films of amazing things.

“We’re going to the Himalayas” seems normal to them.

We home-school so we’re big on geography and world history.

I think kids need to know something about where they’re going before they get there to get the most out of it so I introduce topics before we get there.

It sounds silly but I made them watch The King and I before we went to Thailand just so they would be as blown away as I was to see real palaces and images of the king in the musical.

I did try training them for trekking but I ended up carrying D up a mountain. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

When your sons are old enough, do you want them to travel as you have been able to do?

Well, yes, I’d like them to, but I think there is a danger in exposing them to the world so young, they may be “over it” by the time they are able to carry a 70L pack. They may think of it as “Mum and Dad’s thing” i.e.. uncool.

It’s something that actually worries me.

I don’t want to spoil it for them but at this stage, the educational and fun benefits far outweigh any future issues.

I’m hoping they’ll be conquering the world through travel blogging while other kids are still in school.

Off The Cuff Question

Do your two sons have British or Aussie accents or something in between?

James with his two sons

They both sound exactly like me, British.

I’ve seen that in a lot of displaced families here. (Australia).

The children have the Mum’s accent because they spend the most time with her.

D went to school for 2 years and started to pick up a slight Aussie twang, but he’s now been home-schooled for 2 years and lost it again.

We are a very mixed community. Hhis best friends have been from New Zealand, Texas and Swiss/British. Thy actually don’t encounter Australian accents that often.


If you love to travel and are worried that travel will end once you have kids don’t because as Alyson stated, yes it may slow you down but it can be done with careful planning. What better way to to share and teach your children about the world beyond the comfort of their backyard.


You can read more about Alyson’s wedding by reading this Finding Love Through Travel.  You can follow along on their journey before they leave and while they are on their trip by visiting their travel blog at www.worldtravelfamily.com.

Alyson and James are the 11th family to be featured in an ongoing series showcasing ordinary people;  families and couples who are travelling full time or for extended periods of time.

I Hope It Inspires You To Take Actions on all your dreams, not just your travel dreams.

Want to get featured on this site like this family? Please fill out this form and I’ll post the story here..Know someone who should be featured?  Send me an email annie[@]annieandre.com.


valentines day in France

How Do The French Celebrate Valentines Day: Our V-Day In France

valentines day in france

Valentines day in France is celebrated much like everywhere else.

The flower shops area a buzz with frantic men and women buying flowers.

Lovers stroll  along the streets dressed up for date night.

Even some children exchanged gifts- our daughter received her first ever Valentines day gift today.  A beautiful bouquet of flowers and a hand printed card from a small boy named Enzo. They are best buddies and apparently he thinks a lot of her because on the card he wrote “I love you very much. AHHHHH!”

How do you say Valentines Day in French?

Valentines day is called “St. Valentines”

A valentines card is called a cartes d’amities”

Catherine Holding Her Handmade Valentines Card “Cartes d’amities”

valentines day in france: handmade card

On the card the boy wrote “Je T’aime Très Fort

valentines day in france: handmade card

Catherine got a handmade card from Enzo

As for me. It’s valentines month for me. My wonderful husband Blake is cooking dinner every night for the entire month of February but tonight is special. Tonight I get heart shaped meat loaf with green beans and mashed potatoes for diner with some champagne.


valentines day in France: meat loaf hearts

I am so so so lucky. They are not ready yet and still need to be put in the oven but I am sure they will turn out delicious. Even if they don’t I don’t care because it’s heart shaped.

sorry vegans I like my meat. … That’s it from us here in France.

 Happy Valentines day. Hope you had lots of love today

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