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Watch Us On The TV Show “House Hunters International” June (Progress Report #2 May 2012)

Recap: This is my second progress report where I share with you how I’m making progress on my goal of creating a location independent business from scratch.  Remember, we’re putting it all on the line and living on our savings and some passive income while we invest in ourselves, our kids, our family and try to […]

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Build axtraordinary life: live abroad with purpose

How To Create Trust Through A Monthly Report (#1 April 2012: Location Independent Goal While Living Abroad)

Part 2 of 3 part series: I share a little transparency with my new (Progress report) where I show you what I am doing to create my own sustainable location independent lifestyle and my other top goals while living in France. Part 1 I shared the secret to long term travel and a location independent lifestyle. Part 3: This […]

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