Train Travel In Europe: Beginners Guide, Advice And Opinion


If gallivanting across Europe by train and visiting multiple-European cities toots your horn and you want to learn from someone who’s actually done it then you should read this multi-part mini series about our almost 3 and 1/2 week family Rail trip across Europe using an Interrail pass which anyone who resides in Europe can buy. If you live outside of the EU than you need to purchase the Eurail Global Pass.

I’ll share my thoughts, break out the cost and spill the beans on the good, bad and the ugly side of train travel. Plus, I’ll share helpful tips I wish I had known before we embarked on our 3 week train travel that would have made our lives and our trip a whole lot smoother.


Part 1- 10 Reasons We Choose To Travel Europe By Train, Not By Plane!

Travel across europe with the train pass called the Eurail Global Pass

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