Have you lived abroad? Share Your Travel Story And Get Featured

Whether you took a gap year abroad, spent 3 months trekking across Thailand or you married a foreigner and live in their country as an expat-LET ME SHARE YOUR STORY!

How To share your travel story!

  1. Write your story and send it to annie[at]annieandre.com.
    Tell me who you are, where you are from and the obstacles you overcame to achieve your travel dream.  Please include information about how you are funding your trip, how much it costs and if you have kids-how you handled their education. The rest is up to you.
  2. Or you can simply answer the interview questions in the form at the bottom of this page.
    Plus tell me anything else that is relevant.

Your story will not only help others but also help you.

  • Inspire others people: Yes, your story can inspire others to take the leap. It’s a good feeling!
  • Inspire people with kids: if you have kids, you’ll show people that travel doesn’t have to end after the kids are born.
  • Help end travel myths: Your story will help put an end to the myth that you need to be rich, fearless or what other self imposed obstacles people THINK are preventing them from fulfilling their travel dreams.
  • Fame & exposure: If you have a website, product, service, book etc this means free exposure for you and possible FAME too.
  • SEO: If you have a website, you will get “dofollow link”; (good for google SEO link juice) and links to your social media sites.
  • Make new friends: Hi I’m Annie and you’ll meet others too.

Here are the families I’ve featured so far. You could be on this list too.   http://www.annieandre.com/inspirational-travelling-families/

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