Don't Carve A Pumpkin For Halloween- Carve A Turnip Jack O'Lantern

Why you should carve turnip jack o lanterns instead of pumpkins for halloween

In remembrance of the original Jack O’lantern, which were NOT carved out of pumpkins, try something so old it’s new. Carve a Turnip Jack O’Lantern for Halloween just like the Irish, Scots and Brits used to before bright orange pumpkins became the norm. Or do as the French do in the Northern parts of France […]

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How To Change Careers When You Don’t Know What To Do

How to change career when you don't know what to do

It’s hard enough making a career change when you know exactly what you’d rather be doing but what if you have no idea what you want to do? Same is true if you want to move abroad but need to make a career change to make it happen- what can you do? Here are some resources to help you discover the right career path that will make you the happiest and most fulfilled in the shortest time possible.

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Why You’re Screwed If You Lose Your Prescription Eyeglasses In France

Why you're screwed if you lose your prescription eyeglasses in France

If you rely heavily on your prescription eyeglasses to see the world than losing or breaking them is an annoyance which you can fix rather easily and quickly if you live near a prescription eyeglass retailer like Lenscrafters. Not so easy in France. Discover why you’re totally screwed if you lose your prescription eyeglasses in France, […]

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