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Our Trip To Spain: 7 Tips For Families Who Want To Visit Barcelona On A Budget Without Stressing Out:

Whether you’re a British family looking for a Spanish Holiday or an American couple looking for tips to reduce stress on an inexpensive European vacation, below are some things we did that will help anyone who wants to visit Barcelona on a budget. What do you do when you live in France and your kids have […]

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How To Get Married In Scotland or Elope: A Destination Wedding Guide For Foreigners

how we got married in scotland

Usually when I tell people that my husband and I eloped to Scotland, there is a short pause……. followed by  “Wow!” followed by “Why?” and maybe even a “How did you manage that?” Since I already explained why we eloped to Scotland here, I thought I would explain exactly HOW we did it. How to get […]

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How Do The French Celebrate Valentines Day: Our V-Day In France

valentines day in France

Valentines day in France is celebrated much like everywhere else. The flower shops area a buzz with frantic men and women buying flowers. Lovers stroll  along the streets dressed up for date night. Even some children exchanged gifts- our daughter received her first ever Valentines day gift today.  A beautiful bouquet of flowers and a hand printed card from a small […]

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