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Do French People Celebrate The Fourth Of July In France?

Do the French celebrate the Fourth of July In France?  HUH? Why would the French celebrate America’s Independence? ………………………………….. Right before the fourth of July, I received an email from someone asking me if the French celebrated the fourth of July. This questioned surprised me because the fourth of July is an American holiday which […]

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The Fine Art of Greeting A French Person With A Kiss: How To Faire La Bise

Greeting French people in France is a complicated matter. Rather than shaking hands, waving hello or hugging, you lean forward, touch cheeks and kiss the air near the other persons ear while making a light kissing sound with your lips (not your voice). The act of greeting someone with a kiss like this is called […]

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How Do The French Celebrate Valentines Day: Our V-Day In France

valentines day in France

Valentines day in France is celebrated much like everywhere else. The flower shops area a buzz with frantic men and women buying flowers. Lovers stroll  along the streets dressed up for date night. Even some children exchanged gifts- our daughter received her first ever Valentines day gift today.  A beautiful bouquet of flowers and a hand printed card from a small […]

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